Residents are encouraged to join the Trust and sign up for membership. The membership form can be completed here.

The formation of a Community Development Trust for Grand Union Village followed the original public planning consultation with over 270 people from the local community, as well as community groups. A request emerged from this process for the community to have an ongoing role in the development of the Village. Many discussions followed and the concept of a Community Development Trust was felt to be the best way to achieve this aim. The following mission for the Trust was agreed:

‘The Grand Union Village Community Development Trust seeks a sustainable and inclusive community for those living and working in the Village and surrounding areas, through supporting economic, recreational and environmental initiatives.’

The intention is for this to be achieved through:

  • Promoting and fostering a community spirit by communicating with and involving local residents, businesses, and private, public and voluntary partners through
    • a reception committee and welcome pack
    • production and distribution of newsletters
    • development and maintenance of a community website
    • organisation of community and village events
  • Managing property (and land) for the social and recreational benefit of the local community
  • Supporting or managing new initiatives that further the mission of Grand Union Village, such as
    • Car Share Club
    • initiatives with Genesis and ASRA Housing Associations
    • working with British Waterways around use of the Canal basin
  • Enabling the creation of new training and employment through
    • encouraging local residents to take up training and employment
    • inviting training providers to the Village
    • inviting and supporting employment guidance agencies
    • encouraging new business start-up
Funding and Staffing

Taylor Woodrow has contributed £155,000 to the setting up of the Trust as well as building the community facilities. Genesis Housing Association has made a contribution of £100,000 on behalf of their tenants. This is supported by £20 per annum, per private dwelling, through the service charge.

The Trust has a Community Development Officer, Iman Said and an Administrative Assistant, Miriam Cabrera-Foster, who are contactable at the Grand Union Village Community Centre.

The Organisation

The Trust is set up as a charitable social enterprise, ie as a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status. The advantages of this are:

  • Limited liability for Directors of the Trust
  • Democratic structure
  • Recognised model
  • Not for ‘personal’ profit
  • Provides continuity to ensure its long-term future
  • Charitable tax and rates benefits
  • Can raise funds